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Fun Fact: Brett invests an average of $100k per year on personal development, business development, experimentation, and coaching because he firmly believes an investment in oneself is the best investment a person can make.


Brett learned to be a top performer from the world’s leading performance mentors, including Bob Proctor, Steve Seibold, Clay Clark, Rob Berkley, Kim Bulter, Scott Oldford, Charles Poliquin, Craig Ballantyne, Pat Rigsby, Ramit Sethi, Ryan Holiday, Eben Pagan, to name a few of his mentors. More importantly, Brett learned how to be a top performer by implementing what he learned.

His mission is to help millions of business owners and entrepreneurs squeeze every drop out of life by performing at their best.

Brett walked on and earned a full-ride scholarship as a football running back for the nationally-ranked Boise State Broncos.

Fun Fact: Brett was an eternal back-up in college, but he was the starting running back for one game against Utah State, where he ran for 125 yards and two touchdowns.

While in college playing football and going to school full-time, Brett tried his hand at several network marketing companies (one success and many failures).  His experience in network marketing helped develop and grow his tenacity and go-getter attitude for future success.

Fun Fact: Brett graduated with a double major in Exercise Science in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology while getting ego-slapped by network marketing and his brain smashed against his skull by opposing football players.

Since graduating from college, Brett has started, grown, and invested in companies that have transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Fun Fact: Brett’s final football game is considered one of the greatest football games ever played, the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, and he took five years to finish college instead of the standard four or the Doogie Howser-y three.

Brett’s passion is helping business owners and entrepreneurs become top performers and achieve their maximum potential in life and business. This passion was developed and honed through years of coming up just shy of being “the best.” Winning but coming up short of “the best” put a chip on Brett’s shoulder the size of Alaska.

Fun Fact: Brett grew up in Alaska where he had a paper route from 8 to 18. On his paper route, he startled countless moose bedded in customer’s yards, delivered papers rain, snow (even five feet plus overnight), or shine (yes, the sun comes up early in Alaskan summers), and got REALLY good at throwing papers on target (right at the front door) out of a moving vehicle.

The chip on Brett’s shoulder grew as he grew. Brett took the route Jim Rohn suggests, and instead of getting bitter, he got better. Instead of wishing it was easier, he not only wished he was better, but he took the necessary steps to get better.

Brett could not find a solution that provided everything he needed in a synergistic and synchronized way. Thus, he decided to create it for himself and others like him. The needs and skills required of business owners and entrepreneurs are different from what most people need. Without a synergistic and synchronized plan and way of doing things, maximum potential will not be achieved.

Fun Fact: In high school, Brett was named MVP of his track team not because he was the fastest or the best athlete, but because he was the glue that held the team together and could get everybody on the same page. Brett’s high school track team was state champions.

Fun Fact: Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Steve Seibold were Brett’s first personal development gurus. He listened to them on repeat in the grocery store, in the car, and in his house.

Brett has felt the pain of winning and losing, yet NOT achieving his full potential. This feeling of not reaching his full potential or coming up short drove him to make it his mission to reach his full potential by helping others achieve theirs.

Brett firmly believes in and is livin this quote from the late great Zig Ziglar said, “you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

His other driving force is making the world a better place for his two boys, Drake and Lachlan, who have to live with whatever is left once he is gone.

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